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Laboratories Guide

Here is a short guide about independent laboratories working in the diamond maret. When buying certified diamonds online, be sure to check this guide.

GIA: Based in the USA, the GIA created the ubiquitous color system used by all labs today (D,E,F,G...etc) and is recognized as a very good laboratory. In recent years, GIA has been expanding their laboratories to other countries, which has caused some "growing pains" in their certification standards. We at Masters of Light only send our diamonds to either Carlsbad, USA or to their new Antwerp lab, as these labs have been consistently rated as their best.

IGI: The world's largest independent laboratory, with many labs around the world, IGI is a very innovative and business friendly company. IGI offers many options for merchandising, and other added value features for diamond brands. It was recently sold to a very important conglomerate from Asia. At Masters of Light we specially like them for diamond pairs, as IGI will issue Diamond Certificate for pairs.

HRD: Based in Antwerp, HRD is historically linked to the diamond city and is very popular in Europe. Until a few years ago HRD had a policy of keeping only one central lab in Antwerp but it recently opened a second location in India.

These are the three laboratories which Masters of Light will work with - they are serious, rigorous and have a long history of excellence. When looking for a diamond online, we advise you to choose these laboratories, which will guarantee the stated color, clarity, measurements, fluorescence and so much more.

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