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Covid-19 and Diamonds

The coronavirus impacted world markets immensily, and like other markets, the diamond industry came to a standstill for a first two months of the pandemic. Health will always come first, and while the industry did close for two months, the diamond market showed some resilience after the first wave of the virus.

Now, as we approach the end of the year season, experts and confident that demand will pick up as usual and there are a lot of options for buyers looking to own a diamond. While there are shortages in many categories of diamonds, a smart buyer can find some excellent value and investment diamonds provided that they buy from a manufacturer.

Masters of Light is the official partner of one of Antwerp's most important diamond manufacturers and we give you an inside look at amazing diamonds, polished by the most skilled Master Cutters in Antwerp.

Get in touch if you need any help choosing your diamond - there are hundreds of diamonds with videos & photos that you can view at any time in our webshop.

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