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Cheapest place to buy diamond in Europe?

Antwerp has the largest amount of companies and its dynamic marketplace ensures that prices are very attractive. A buyer has to find the right supplier to get the right prices, and must be careful not to buy from "virtual" or "3rd party" listings.


You want to make sure that the diamond being proposed actually belongs to the seller, if you want to get the best price. If its borrowed, you will pay more. Also, you want to make sure the diamond actually exists, so it's always best to talk to the person who actually has the diamond in their possesion, not merely a list of goods.

Masters of Light is the only company in Antwerp offering you actual diamonds, with photos, videos, certification - all from the manufacturer's safe - directly. Online shopping for diamonds is our specialty, and we are here to make your diamond purchase a easy and transparent experience.

safe with diamonds

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